Since 1998, we have expanded our outside catering, licensed bar and corporate hospitality activities to include catering for weddings and other events at various public venues, private homes and corporate premises throughout West and East Sussex.

At Friends Catering, we are committed to excelling in all spheres of our service. In order to achieve this, we operate an event-to-event operation, whereby all food and ingredients for your event are purchased specially for your event, just before they are required, and totally independent of other events that we may be involved in. This means that all food for your event is freshly procured, prepared, cooked and served in the best possible conditions and to a very high standard. In keeping with our ethical purchasing policy, we strive to purchase the best seasonal, organic and fair-trade ingredients. All left over food and ingredients are given to a local homeless shelter with your consent and compliments.

During our decade of service, we have nurtured and maintained excellent relations and exclusive contacts such as reliable and reputable suppliers and other professionals within the industry. This helps us purchase and utilise the best fresh ingredients (all GM-free) and products, recommend and/or employ the services of related professionals, resulting in the delivery of a superior total end product to all our clients.

Friends Catering Services has at its disposal a friendly team of over twenty highly skilled, well motivated and widely experienced staff whose principal motivation is the pursuit of excellence. Over the years, along with serving a large number of private patrons, we have had the pleasure of serving various private commercial and public authority clientele.

With the expertise, cornucopia of menus and services that we have on offer, you can rest assured that when you contact Friends Catering Services during the course of planning your event, you will receive the friendly, professional and excellent service that we pride ourselves on, that will help make your event a successful occasion!

Our passion for excellence in our field is mirrored by our ongoing commitment to supporting the Namdroling School Dispensary Trust, which is aimed at providing medical aid to over 3000 young Tibetan monks and nuns based at the Namdroling monastery in southern India. For details of this Trust, please click on the link below.