The Namdroling Monastery is in Bylakuppe, South India. It is one of the foremost places of learning of the Nyingma school of Buddhism, and also one of the largest. Today, there are over 3,000 monks studying and working there, 30% of whom are young monks and nuns aged between 6 and 18. His Holiness Penor Rinpoche provides a home, food and clothing for every monk regardless of their financial circumstances. Some monks are orphans whose extended family cannot provide for them and they are sent to Namdroling, given an education and a vocation for life.

The Namdroling School Dispensary was founded in October 2003 by Tulku Loday Sangpo. Whilst His Holiness provides medical care if young monks and nuns require attention by a doctor, around 100 students need daily medical attention for scabies, skin infections, worms, coughs, colds, vomiting, diarrhoea and, of course, cuts and scrapes which are common amongst young children everywhere.
  From humble beginnings, the main Dispensary is now well stocked and staffed by volunteer monks, and the nuns also have their own treatment rooms and dispensary. The volunteer monks and nuns are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. There are also 2 helper monks and nuns who assist them with cleaning wounds and with the general care and hygiene in the Dispensaries. The costs of running the dispensaries are currently being met by occasional donations and an English sponsor who provides most of the necessary medicines and medical supplies. However, to ensure the continuity of this essential service, long-term financial assistance is required. The most common problems are open wounds which need to be cleaned and dressed and so iodine, antibiotic creams, disinfectant and bandages are used in great quantities. Also, a drink of fresh lemon juice with jaggery and vitamin supplements is given to every patient after treatment.

Appendix 1: List of regular medicines
Iron Tonic, Scabies lotion,
Iodine Ointment
Antibiotic Cream, Iboprufen,
Bandages, Adhesive Tape,
Antiseptic, Vitamin B tablets,
Iron Tables, Antibiotics,
Syringes for TB medicine, and
TB medicine in general
Cough and cold medicine
Eye and ear drops
Medicine for fevers, stomach aches,
diarhorrea, vomiting, mouth ulcers,
fungal infections


The monthly expenses vary but approximately Rupees 55,000 (700 / 945 ) is required to cover the basic running costs. Sponsors are being invited to give a donation on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to ensure that these costs are covered. One off donations made payable to the "Namdroling School Dispensary Trust" will also be gratefully received because further apparatus is needed to fully equip the dispensary. If you wish to participate in this scheme, please contact Sue Burchett, the Chairperson of the Trust in the UK, at E-mail:, or for further information please write to:


Tulku Loday Sangpo, Namdroling Monastery, PO Box Bylakuppe,
District Mysore 571104, Karnataka, South India


Appendix 2: Further Items required
Quality masks and surgical gloves
Eye glasses


Appendix 3: Future Projects
Professional nurse training for a nun at the nunnery
Invitation for a doctor to give all the young monks a general medical check up

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